Ghetto-Fixing an Asus N550 charger

I literally forgot about this blog, but I’m going to see if I can get myself to start using it again!

So, today at school while in class I needed to use my laptop but of course, my charger finally gave up on me when I needed it…

The strain relief on these chargers are so horrible, but to be fair I do throw the charger block around places and just stuff it in my bookbag šŸ˜›

Anyhow, the cable started fraying and breaking apart around the strain relief then over time the outer ground wire started to fall apart, so to fix it and to slow down the breaking down process I literally just grabbed some scotch tape from my school library and taped it around the cable. Worked for about one and a half semesters! I really am that lazy sometimes, but hey, if it works, it works xD

Here’s a photo of the scotch tape fix:


I can’t believe I even did this


Finally arriving at home, I went on ebay and ordered a replacement, ensuring it was the 120W variety. There were many chargers claiming to be compatible with the N550, but many were only rated at 90W.Ā I end up purchasing THIS. I now begin my attempt at reviving my Asus N550’s charger.

1. I first stripped the outer wire as well as parts of the crappy strain relief with a utility knife, being careful not to cut into the positive inner wire, only to expose the ground/negative wires on the outside



2. I then took some random wire laying around in my “Office” (StrippedĀ from some old PSU’s), cut it to size and then soldered them onto the two exposed ground wires.


It works!

3. Now to top it all off and to give the ghetto fix a professional look, Electrical tape!


Professional as can be

I probably will end up keeping this charger at home so I won’t have to keep lugging one charger back and forth from school, work, or wherever I end up going, forgetting it at home, etc.

Anyways guys, thanks for looking at my impromptu guide on how I fixed up my laptop charger!






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